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Directory Submission is one of the most powerful ways to increase the link popularity. Links from related web pages increase the importance of the web site, improves the rank of your web site and also increases the number of people who visit your web site.

Our directory submission and manual search engine service is regarded as one of the best in India. We have done a lot of research on directory submission service to provide quality service.

Plan DS1 - 250 directory submission

Manual website submission to 250 directories
US $35 Only | Duration 2 Days

Plan DS2 - 500 directory submission

Manual website submission to 500 directories
US $60 Only | Duration 4 Days

Plan DS3 - 750 directory submission
Manual website submission to 750 directories
US $80 Only | Duration 6 Days

Plan DS4 - 1000 directory submission

Manual website submission to 1000 directories
US $100 Only | Duration 7 Days

Plan DS5 - 1500 directory submission

Manual website submission to 1500 directories
US $150 Only | Duration 10 Days

Plan DS6 - 2000 directory submission

Manual website submission to 2000 directories
US $ 200 Only | Duration 14 Days

Plan DS7 - 2500 directory submission

Manual website submission to 2500 directories
US $ 230 Only | Duration 16 Days


Advantages of Directory Submission

  • Permanent one way links, one would not need to link back towards any of the directories
  • Reciprocal links are not required
  • Experts consider it as a effective link building process
  • Manual submission without using any software
  • We provide submission to the best directories
  • Blind submission’s are not there
  • Submission to directories with quicker review time
  • Good 3 package offers as per your requirement
  • Submissions made by our expert team
  • Project Reports in detail
  • Quality links from high ranking directories
  • Increase in traffic on your web site
  • Web site rank increases in search engine directories
  • Popularity of the link increases

Our directory submission service guarantees

  1. Quality links from directories having high page rank
  2. increase in highly targeted traffic to your website
  3. Increase in search engine rankings
  4. Non-reciprocal links from directories to your website
  5. Increase in link popularity.
Our directory submission services include the following processes:

Manual directory submission services: we do not use automatic directory submission software to submit the sites. Our directory submission services are managed manually by directory submission experts.

Anchor text: Selection of right anchor texts helps you target more themes from one directory submission plan.

Fast listing in directories: Our directory submission process is quick and highly focused to get your website listed in the categories most relevant and appropriate to match the business definition of your website.

Our directory submission services team submit the website to at least thousand seo friendly website directories to get the site listed quickly resulting in increase in targeted traffic and link popularity in the eyes of search engines.

Why Directory Submissions? Why Us?
  • Permanent, relevant and one-way link building.
  • Build quality links for just one time investment!
  • Directory submissions is considered as effective link building method according to experts.
  • Build links naturally and gradually with our delayed manual submissions.
  • We submit to 100% SEO friendly directories only. No use of 'no follow', 'no index' tags.
  • We will not use any software but we will spend hours to submit your website to these directories.
  • Quality reports - with one click tracking URLs.
  • Only submission to quality directories.
  • Submission with due care. NO blind submissions.
  • Submission to directories having faster review time.
  • Attractive rate for bulk orders (Min. 5 sites)
  • 10 packages offered based on your requirement.
  • Submissions by expert team - we are providing this service since more than 2 years.

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