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The growing world of web has given birth to various terms and technologies. Web analytics is one of those, but still not many of the Internet or web users understand what exactly the web analytics are, and for those people Interactive Web Services is providing a concise description of what exactly these web analytics are, and what is their functioning on Internet. Web analytics is the method of collecting, measuring and analyzing the activity and conduct of the Internet user on the website. Our professionals understand raw data about the user activity and yields consequential table, chart and graph which are used to improve the crucial areas of your website and to achieve your goal of successful online business. Web analytics provides the specific data about the accessibility of the pages of your website by the 9inmternet users and its performance over there.

Interactive Web Services provides best web analytics services around the world. The main motto to use web analytics is to observe the SEO Efforts, Improve Usability, and to increase Accessibility of your website on the internet. Form business prospect these web analytics have a great role in determine the performance of website over Internet, and to enhance the visibility of website among the web users. The information provide by Interactive Web Services are the compiled form of the entire activities done by the Internet users over your web pages, and hence it shows the bright side of your website and the darker side, or we can say the area of improvements in the websites as well. These web analytics are a vital part of the search engine optimization process adapted by website owners for the optimization of their websites. This makes them get the compiled information about the website and its accessibility over Internet. This all discussion above clarifies the exact definition and use of web analytics and clears the requirement and benefits of having web analytics for the website.

Our web analytics services are done by our SEO experts who gather data through analytical tools like Google Analytic and others. Web analytics services include
  • Identification of referring keywords. The key keywords for effective campaign.
  • Referring Domains. It is effective in link building campaign.
  • Click path analysis. This would engage visitors more effectively in your website.
  • Identify natural gaps between your paid and natural SEO campaigns.
  • Targeting Geographical locations. The geographical part from where more responses come, you can use new data to modify the web pages.
  • Visiting trends to count the number of visitors to your site.
  • Which pages are proving more popular? Data is used to optimize the site structure.
If your visitors are doing what you want? Conversion rates are very important in web analytics to see the overall performance of your site

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